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Forensic assessment involves the use of tests for mental and social wellbeing, personality disorders and neuropsychological functioning. As well as conducting assessments, forensic test users may also support clients as coaches, theapists or psychologists. Forensic Test Users are able to make choices between tests and to determine when to use or not use them in forensic contexts. They have an understanding of the technical qualities of forensic tests and the necessary knowledge and skills to interpret specific tests.
The knowledge and skills covered in this course include:
• Ability and aptitude: Forensic

• Personality, Personality disorder and assessment

• Mental health assessment

• Risk assessment

• The basic principles of scaling and standardisation

• Basic principles of norm-referenced interpretation

• Test theory – Classical test theory and reliability

• Validity and utility

• Deciding when psychological tests should or should not be used as part of anassessment process

• Providing oral feedback

• Providing written feedback

• Making appropriate use and interpretation of test results

Forensic Testing (CCFT)

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