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Deepen Your Capability

  Develop your business and practitioner skills  

Develop Your Knowledge and Skills as a Coaching/Career Coaching Practitioner


All you need to know about setting up and developing a career and coaching practice.

CPD Workshops

Over 2,500 professionals trained in the past 21 years


Who takes this course:     January 2024:

7 hours CPD: 'Excellence in Career and Coaching Practice'

Coaching, Guidance and Career Coaching Professionals.

Cork: 27th January, 2024, 9.30-4.30. FULLY BOOKED

Setting Up Practice
27 January, Cork


This workshop gives you access to our flagship career assessment

The Career Profile


About this Workshop

We have run this workshop for over 500 career and coaching professionals over the past 7 years. Delegates have found it extremely useful in getting their business organised and off the ground, or developing their current business. The workshop is experiential and interactive, and designed to get you thinking about what you want your business to look like and the unique value that only you can offer to your clients. We also provide you with a dedicated Career Coaching Manual and Resource Kit and access to all of the research and resources we've gathered in developing the course.


Features and Benefits

The workshop will help you:

A) Identify your unique selling points – what defines and differentiates you in the market;

B) Review your current state of readiness and a development strategy to move to expert level;

C) Decide where and how to enter the market, pricing, branding and growth strategy;

D) Choose a framework and initial toolkit for your client process;

E)  Incorporate a career coaching process - provides you with a complete set of career coaching tools;

F) Use efficient administrative practices to take the client through the coaching journey;

G) Implement best business practice and avoid pitfalls to optimise success.


"The setting up in practice workshop by Psychometrix is a must for any new coach. The course covers all the practicalities of setting up and running a successful coaching practice. While the course content is top notch, Terry's expert delivery

of the content along with his nuggets of wisdom and humour make this a great experience for any new coach".

Trevor O'Sullivan, Executive Coach.

" I found the workshop extremely useful. It provided a structure to help you set up or continue to develop your practice. Also the course challenged you to think more deeply about the service you were offering and  how to be more effective in your role. Of equal importance it provided a platform to market your business and to communicate the value of planning your future to your clients." Tom O’Donnell, Career Coach, Galway.

“The Workshop was information, interactive and relevant.  I have already put into practice many of the ideas and tips learned during the day as I prepare to launch my careers coaching business.”

Majella Byrne, Career Coach, Dublin.

"I found the course very interesting and professionally delivered. It has provided me with great insight into personality and individual difference which I will bring forward into my Coaching career."

Catherine O’Sullivan, Career Coach.

“This is a very through course with many very useful materials. It gives the low down on how to run a career guidance practice and on how exactly to make it profitable and successful. At all times it is realistic and is based on the organiser’s proven experience in the field.” Joe MacDonagh, Lecturer School of Business, Institute of Technology, Tallaght.

“I’ve been to many workshops but can count on one hand those that have actually delivered what they promise on the tin – this is definitely one of them. Terry is the consummate professional and not only manages to deliver the material masterfully, with a deep understanding of everything an aspiring guidance professional needs to know, but with humour which makes the day a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Money very well spent!" Edel Rigas, Career Coach, Dublin.

“The Setting up a Career Guidance Practice workshop is ideally suited to those contemplating that leap into self-employment.  It is very much a practitioner led programme that provides a comprehensive overview of what setting up such a service would look like in reality and a toolkit is provided to support this.  I would highly recommend this programme to any Guidance professional contemplating “going solo” as an essential first step!” Anne Wallace, Student Recruitment & Liaison Officer, College of Business & Law, University College Cork.

“I have to say on a personal and professional level it was wonderful to meet you and listen to your years of experiences in working with people in exploring their 'career passion'. The diverse grouping that attended was enlightening and left me with much food for thought.” JP Connolly, Business Coach.

“It was an enjoyable and productive day. There was great participation and sharing by all participants. Terry did a great job in teasing out serious issues such as what we are offering, our hourly rate." Seamus Gallagher, Life and Executive Coach, Galway.

“I want to say that I really enjoyed the course last week - it was very insightful." Wayne Green, Executive and Career Coach.

“I really enjoyed the course and the relaxed learning - different to what I have been used to, yet very effective.” Attracta Burke, Career Coach.

“Thank you for a most informative, thought provoking and enjoyable workshop.”

Tom Geary, Department of Education and Professional Studies, University of Limerick.

“I was very impressed with all aspects of the course on setting up your own practice - very happy.”

John McNally, Career Coach.

For more information call us at +353 1 443 4438.

We look forward to seeing you on our next workshop!

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