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Educational Psychology
for Learning, Development
& Neurodiversity

BPS Certificate of Competence
in Educational Testing (CCET)
Become certified in Educational Testing
and lead the assessment process

So that you can

Understand students' educational needs and potential
and ensure they access the right support with
Educational Assessment (ADD, Dyslexia, etc.) -
Accommodations, Access & Learning Support 

Help your clients choose and develop their career with
Career Guidance and Coaching


BPS Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing (CCET)
...for assessment of educational and learning needs and potential. Understand the needs and potential of your students and clients with the latest knowledge, skills and tests for accurate educational assessment of learning needs and completion of applications for accommodations, exemptions and support.

The Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing

The British Psychological Society


BPS EdTesting.png

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to use test effectively for:

  • Assessment of Educational and Learning Needs & Potential;

  • Identification of Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia; ADD);

  • Identification of Behavioural and Social Difficutlties;

  • Assessment for Reasonable Accommodations in State Examinations;

  • Eligibility for Access Arrangements (WIAT II-T; WRAT 5; WRMT III; WRIT);

  • Eligibility for Disabled Student Allowance (CTOPP2, DASH/DASH17+, KETA4);

  • Career Guidance & Educational Coaching and Counselling.

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