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This course is accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) and leads to the industry-standard certification in educational testing & assessment. The training covers everything you need to know about educational testing to ensure you are competent at choosing and using educational tests and applying the results to support those with educational support needs.

Modules include:

• Introduction to testing
• Administering tests to one or more candidates, part 1 & 2
• Maintaining security and confidentiality of the test materials and the test data
• Educational attainment and ability testing
• The basic principles of scaling and standardisation
• Basic principles of norm-referenced interpretation
• Test theory – Classical test theory and reliability
• Validity and utility: Educational
• Deciding when psychological tests should or should not be used as part of an assessment process
• Making appropriate use and interpretation of test results
• Providing written feedback

Educational Testing (CCET)

€ 950,00Price
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