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Develop Your Skills and Community

  Train in Occupational, Educational and Forensic Assessment  

The International Standards in Psychometric Testing Certification

Become an EFPA/BPS* Certified Test User
and take your psychological knowledge
and people-skills to a new level.

* EFPA: European Federation of Psychologists' Associations. BPS: British Psychologial Society.

Psychometric tests are scientifically-developed measures
of human behaviour designed to help professionals better understand the people they work with, such as job applicants, employees, students and clients.

As psychometric tests are psychological assessments, access
is restricted to psychologists, but others can become Certified
to use them, including HR Specialists, Recruiters, Coaches
and Guidance Counsellors. Certification allows you to join the
BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU), required
by test publishers for you to access and use tests.

Over the past 21 years, more than 2,500 professionals have completed their psychometrics training with us - the only company providing EFPA/BPS-Certified training in all three areas of Occupational, Educational and Forensic Testing. Read on to find out which course is right for you.

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Register now for your BPS-certified* training in Psychometrics
*British Psychological Society

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8 Great Reasons

Here are eight great reasons to become Certified with us in psychometrics:



Return on Investment (ROI)

Psychometrics reduces the cost of poor course fit in education and job fit in work, and adds financial and personal value by helping develop potential.



It is essential to ensure that your use of psychometric tests is compliant with Employment and Data Protection Legislation

Your ROI = (Gain from investment –
Cost of investment )/ Cost of investment


Entry on

the RQTU 

On Certification, you become a member of the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU), and can access to a wide range of BPS resources.


 Access to Industry Standard Tests

Certification gives you access to hundreds of scientifically-validated measures of human behaviour from the test publishing companies.




Having psychometric skills and knowledge in-house allows you to advise your team on people factors in decision making and strategy.


Our Expertise

and Experience 

All of our trainers are Chartered Psychologist and have trained more than 2,500 professionals in psychometric testing over the past 21 years.




Certification ensures

that your selection & development processes operate effecdtively and at the highest, industry-standard level.


Online, Blended &

Classroom Courses

You can complete your Certification at a pace that suits you - online with zoom tutorials, by blended learning, or a classroom course.

Flexible Study Options

We provide you with flexible study options to study for your course when it best suits you - online in the evenings or mornings, by classroom intensive, or by blended learning.

Mornings Online: Tuesday 11.00 to 13.00 GMT.

Evenings Online: Tuesday 19.00 to 21.00 GMT.

Daytime Classroom: 2 Days x 7 Hours, Dublin and London.

Register for your psycholmetrix eLearning account and study for your courses online

Expert Course Content

The course curriculum covers everything you need to know to be able to administer tests and score them, interpret test scores, give candidates and others feedback, and apply the results effectively to help your candidates make good decisions.

TUOA/P = Test User Occupational: Ability & Personality.  CCET = Test User Educational. CCFT = Test User Forensic.

MODULE 1: Ability & Intelligence

Intelligence, IQ and Ability


General Ability


Theories of Intelligence


Factors Affecting Assessment


Categories of Tests


MODULE 2: Test Administration

Test Administration

Preparing Candidates

Test Scoring


Score Interpretation

Providing Feedback


MODULE 4: Test Evaluation


Test Reliability

Measurement Error

Test Validity

Test Evaluation


MODULE 5: Best Practice & Legal

Accessing Tests

Test Security

Candidate Rights

GDPR & Legislation

Organisational Testing Policy


MODULE 3: Standardising Scores

The Normal Distribution

Standardising Scores

Confidence Limits

Point, Banding and Ranking

Normative, Criterion & IRT


MODULE 6: Personality Testing

Personality Theory

Personality Assessment

Personality Traits

Disorders of Personality

Motivation and Emotion


TUOA/P and CCFT Only

A-to-Z Support

Our expert Course Tutors support you throughout, from your first enquiry, through your course, to registration with the Psychological Society and the Test Publishing companies.

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Read more or register now for your course in Occupational, Educational or Forensic Testing

To help you decide which qualification to register for:

  • Read the brochures on the Course links above                                                       or            

  • Call our expert team who will be happy to advise you on +353 1 443 4438.

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