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Psychology for Business

Get people who will grow your business.


Select the best people with

Pre-employment Assessment

and Assessment Centres

Develop the best in your people with

Leaders and Teams Coaching

and Employee Assistant Programs


Become certified in Occupational Testing

and bring the expertise in-house with the

BPS Certificate of Competence

in Occupational Testing (TUOA/P)


Psychology for Education

Understand students' educational needs and potential.


Ensure students access the right support with

Educational Assessment (ADD, Dyslexia, etc.) -

Accommodations, Access & Learning Support 

Help your clients choose and develop their career with

Career Guidance and Coaching

Become certified in Educational Testing

and lead the assessment process with the

BPS Certificate of Competence

in Educational Testing (CCET)

Psychology for Wellbeing

Help your clients achieve their goals.


Help clients identify their needs and potential with

Personality, Neuro-cognitive & Forensic Testing

Help your clients achieve their personal goals with

Coaching & Psychotherapy services


Become a certified expert in Forensic Testing

with our fully accredited training

             the BPS Certificate of Competence            

in Forensic Testing (CCFT)


CPD and Certification in
Psychometric Testing

Obtain the international, industry-standard

certification in psychometric testing from

the British Psychological Society (BPS):

 BPS Test User Occupational:  

Ability and Personality (TUOA/P)

BPS Test User Educational (CCET)​


BPS Test User Forensic (CCFT)

Setting Up In Practice

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