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Setting Up Practice

Setting Up In Practice

Terry Connors, Psychologist and CEO

Terry Connors, PhD

Coaching and Occupational


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Setting Up Practice

We have run this workshop for over 500 career and coaching professionals over the past 7 years. Delegates have found it extremely useful in getting their business organised and off the ground, or developing their current business. The workshop is experiential and interactive, and designed to get you thinking about what you want your business to look like and the unique value that only you can offer to your clients. We also provide you with a dedicated Career Coaching Manual and Resource Kit and access to all of the research and resources we've gathered in developing the course.

Dr. Terry Connors is a Chartered Coaching Psychologist, Occupational Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS) with over 30 years experience in business, education and private practice. He is a Member of the BPS Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology, Associate Member at the Faculty of Leadership and Management, and Member of the American Psychological Association.

Boosting Your Brains

Cher Engerer, Psychologist

Cher Engerer

B.Sc., M.Sc.

Registered Psychologist

Psychologist, Coach, Supervisor, Trainer, Psychometrician, and Neurofeedback Specialist

Boosting Your Brains – in Life and Business!

This presentation will discuss the importance of Brain Health. Cher will discuss how the health of our mind depends on the state of our brain; something many of us take for granted. She will also explore the difference between Brain Health & Mental Health, further launching into effective tips, habits, and rituals which can fast track and maximise your brains' health and potential. Happy Brain = Happy Life = Thriving career!

Cher has been in the field of wellbeing, brain health, peak performance, training and development for over twenty years. As a psychologist, coach, supervisor, trainer, psychometrician, and neurofeedback specialist, Cher has spent twenty + years developing an effective recipe to optimise brain health and wellbeing, which she generously shares with her clients and audiences: "When our brains are well, we thrive as people and the sky's the limit". Cher is passionate about supporting people in the community and organisations, to boost their peak performance, and become the BEST versions of themselves possible. Cher considers herself a brain change-catalyst. She is also passionate about ending the stigma that mental health is shrouded in. She promotes the fact that we are all human, and all vulnerable to health issues - be they in our brains, hearts, or other body parts.

Workplace Wellbeing

VBaverstock b&w

Victoria Baverstock



Organisational Psychologist | Award-winning workplace wellbeing strategist | LinkedIn Top Voice | Helps people recover from professional

and autistic burnout

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Workplace Wellbeing

The Masterclass gives practical strategies for fostering a culture of wellbeing in the workplace. Participants will gain insights into the role of leadership in creating a supportive work environment, focus on stress management and burnout prevention, how to promote a healthy  work-life integration and the key components of implementing an effective workplace wellbeing program.

Victoria is an Organisational Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in health and Wellbeing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology and is a Certified Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an ILM and CIMA accredited advanced trainer. A LinkedIn Top Voice and an expert in burnout, she is recognised as a pioneer in workplace wellness. She is

one of the few people in the world certified by the Chapman Institute as a Certified Worksite Wellness Program Consultant (CWWPC) and is a Master Instructor for WellCert, the world-leading workplace wellness certification.

Psychological Assessment

Eniola Obajobi, Psychologist

Mrs Eniola Olajobi

Educational Psychologist, Child Therapist, Educational Management Consultant, Keynote Speaker.

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Understanding Psychological Evaluations: What They Do and How to Get Started

Psychological evaluations are crucial for accurately identifying and addressing mental health and educational challenges. This topic addresses the need for professionals, such as educators, counselors, and psychologists, to have a deep understanding of the evaluation process to provide effective support, including: 1) Introduction to Psychological Evaluations; 2) What Psychological Evaluations Do; 3) Getting Started with Psychological Evaluations; 4) Understanding different types of assessments; 5) Case Studies and Practical Examples.

Shakirah Eniola Olajobi is the Founding President of the Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists (ANEP) and has over a decade of experience as a practicing psychologist. As the Team Lead for The Neurobide and CEO of Brainy Educare, she specializes in cognitive profiling, emotional health education, and brain training. Shakirah is a certified assessment expert with a Certificate in Educational Testing accredited by the British Psychological Society and the Federation of European Psychologists. With additional certifications from Lagos Business School and Harvard Business School, she serves as a consultant for the Universal Basic Education Commission in Nigeria, and a learning facilitator at the University of Lagos Consult, Lagos Nigeria. Shakirah has delivered numerous keynote presentations and workshops on emotional health and wellness, psychological assessments and recently published a series of emotional wellness kits for children and adults.

Boosting Your Brains
Workplace Wellbeing
Psychological Assessment

Forensic Psychology

Paula Rothermel

Dr. Paula Rothermel


Charted Psychologist (BPS)

Psychologist (HCPC Registered),

Criminal & Developmental Expert Witness

Delving into the Criminal Mind

My workshops aim to address the profound need for a deeper understanding of criminal psychology, exploring the delicate line that separates law-abiding individuals from those who engage in criminal activities. As your facilitator I bring a wealth of knowledge and a unique global perspective. My program seeks to provide you, my participants with insights into the origins of crime, the psychology of offenders, and the impact of adverse childhood experiences on criminal behaviour. By delving into these topics, the workshop aims to enhance both professional capabilities in the field of criminal justice and personal comprehension of human behaviour. You can expect to come away with thought provoking ideas that will challenge your hitherto norms.

I have worked as a trainer and speaker over the last 30 years, delivering workshops and training sessions and lecturing at both Durham University and the Open University in the UK. As one of the leading authorities in my field, I have been invited to speak across the globe as a key note speaker, from Bogota to Hong Kong and from Olso to Madrid. Living on the edge of crime through my work and also as a relative of a long time offender and as a legal cannabis farmer, I enjoy the excitement of life and hope that through my workshops I can share some of this zest for life and deepen your understanding of how little differentiates each of us so called law abiding individuals from the criminal thinking and activity.

Personality Disorders

John Lalor, Psychologist

John Lalor

Coaching, Occupational Psychologist & Psychotherapist

John Lalor, MSc, Chartered Psychologist, Fully Accredited Psychotherapist, Accredited Coach

Personality Disorders: A journey through the personality disorders, exploring symptoms, diagnostic processes, and ways of working with those experiencing them.

Personality disorders (PDs) are the severely disordered end of the personality spectrum. They are pathological, persistent, and pervasive. By definition, they have significantly negative impact on functioning, and affect others in the life of the individual with the disorder. It is critically important to understand PDs, to be able to identify when our clients may have a PD, and to be skilled in working with such presentations. In addition, practitioners should be familiar with how PDs are assessed and diagnosed, and develop confidence in working with people experiencing them.

John is a chartered psychologist, fully accredited psychotherapist, and accredited coach based in Dublin. He practices in all three professions in a number of locations across Dublin. John is a certified BPS assessor on Psychometrix’s BPS accredited training programme Forensic and Assistant Test User: Forensic, and he lectures in psychotherapy at IICP College, Dublin. John trained in clinical psychology, occupational psychology, and coaching, before entering the psychotherapy world. He has worked with Psychometrix for over a decade. When he has the time, John trains in judo.

Personality Disorders
Delving into the Criminal Mind
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