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United  Kingdom

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Polaris Consulting, Malta
Psytech International, Test Publishers
The Psychometrix Community
In Sync, Western Europe and the Middle East
The Neurobide, Nigeria
Pearson, Test Publishers

As well as our featured Associates, our Community is also of course our former course delegates (view..), test customers and corporate clients (view..). If we haven't been in touch for a while, please drop us a mail, or phone - we love to catch up!

Featured Associates


Cher Engerer, Polaris Consulting, Malta


Cher Engerer

B.Sc., M.Sc.

Registered Psychologist

Psychologist, Coach, Supervisor, Trainer, Psychometrician, and Neurofeedback Specialist

At Polaris we believe in – and talk about – human potential and brain health. We focus on how people can peak their performance, rather than making it about pathology or mental illness. We believe that people are complex and marvellous, with an incredible capacity to change and develop. We recognise that people live and engage with the world through their MIND, BODY, BRAIN, HEART & SOUL FUNCTION, and that we all thrive and heal in different ways and through different means – so we know that a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL approach to wellbeing MAKES NO SENSE. That’s why we developed an Integrative Care Approach, and built a wellbeing factory – to offer our clients a WHOLE-PERSON program, and the luxury of having A TEAM of professionals catering for their needs – not just one tool – all under one roof. We save you the time and money of shopping around for the right therapy/ therapist/ treatment/ care – because we do that for you.

Cher has been in the field of wellbeing, brain health, peak performance, training and development for over twenty years. As a psychologist, coach, supervisor, trainer, psychometrician, and neurofeedback specialist, Cher has spent twenty + years developing an effective recipe to optimise brain health and wellbeing, which she generously shares with her clients and audiences: "When our brains are well, we thrive as people and the sky's the limit". Cher is passionate about supporting people in the community and organisations, to boost their peak performance, and become the BEST versions of themselves possible. Cher considers herself a brain change-catalyst. She is also passionate about ending the stigma that mental health is shrouded in. She promotes the fact that we are all human, and all vulnerable to health issues - be they in our brains, hearts, or other body parts.

Western Europe and Middle East

Victoria Baverstock, In Sync


Western Europe

and Middle East

Victoria Baverstock

Organisational Psychologist

Organisational Psychologist | Award-winning workplace wellbeing strategist | LinkedIn Top Voice | Helps people recover from professional

and autistic burnout

  • LinkedIn

In Sync is a unique mix of professionals with global business experience. Our unique, multi-disciplinary team is composed of Organisational Psychologists, certified workplace wellness professionals, board certified coaches and individuals who have held leadership positions in global organisations. Our workplace wellness team are Certified Worksite Wellness Program Consultants (CWWPC), the highest international certification of workplace wellness. Our passion for wellbeing, combined with our commitment to evidence-based practice, sets us apart and ensures we deliver results to our clients; whether it is an individual or global organisation

Victoria is an Organisational Psychologist with over 30 years’ experience in health and Wellbeing. She holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology and is a Certified Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and an ILM and CIMA accredited advanced trainer. A LinkedIn Top Voice and an expert in burnout, she is recognised as a pioneer in workplace wellness. She is one of the few people in the world certified by the Chapman Institute as a Certified Worksite Wellness Program Consultant (CWWPC) and is a Master Instructor for WellCert, the world-leading workplace wellness certification.

Central Africa

Eniola Obajobi, The Neurobide

The Neurobide


Mrs Eniola Olajobi

Educational Psychologist, Child Therapist, Educational Management Consultant, Keynote Speaker.

  • LinkedIn

Imagine a world where everyone has the opportunity to lean in the varying desirable ways peculiar to each of them; a world that truly acknowledges that everyone has the potential to exceed expectations. Such a world is our dream at Brainy Educare Services! So we begin by teaching the growth mind-set as a major driver for success. When the mindset is right, amazing things begin to happen! This is our unique approach at Brainy Educare. We understand that while it is important to teach core skills, it is also important and possible to coach for great attitude and improve the mindset. When the motivation for lifelong learning is met by the exposure of the brain to training; learning, unlearning and relearning, change becomes possible and in fact a success.

Shakirah Eniola Olajobi, the Founding President of the Association of Nigerian Educational Psychologists (ANEP), has been working as a practicing Psychologist and Educational Consultant. She holds a School Leadership and Management Certification from Harvard Business School and Harvard Graduate School of Education and a certification in Entrepreneurship Management from Lagos Business School of the Pan Atlantic University, Lagos. As a team lead at Brainy Educare, she has directly facilitated several teacher trainings and impacted over 10,000 teachers in the last 15 years in different states of the Federation. As a teacher trainer, she worked as a consultant with Lagos State, training heads of schools, counsellors and teachers, providing expertise in a wide variety of educational topics. She currently serves as a consultant at the Universal Basic Education Commission, Abuja, and a learning facilitator at the University of Lagos Consult.

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